Shipwrecked! 2016


On a gorgeous sunny day in September 2016 we worked in partnership with Glenridding Sailing Centre to deliver a canoeing adventure day out with a shipwrecked theme!

The aim of the day was to survive being shipwrecked on the shores of the beautiful Ullswater Lake – building shelters, lighting fires and exploring our space.

Working with a small group of kids aged 8 – 13yrs we spent a ‘child led’ day combining canoeing techniques and forest school skills. The kids had never met each other before so we started with some get-to-know-you games and safety basics to get everyone warmed up and ready for exploring this amazing place.


Then we head off on to the lake to practice our canoeing strokes. Of course half the challenge of controlling your canoe is communicating well with each other, otherwise you will end up paddling in circles!

The group then spotted a shipwrecked boat and paddled away to the shore of the lake to explore it.  They discovered a hidden stash of useful kit to help us make our camp. We spent the rest of the day hunting for treasure and cooking popcorn and marshmallows on the fire. Finally we raced each other up and down the lake.


It was such a great day out in an amazing place, and a brilliant opportunity to try out so many skills, that we have decided we should do it again.  So in 2017 we have 4 Shipwrecked days planned again with Glenridding Sailing Centre. To find them out head to our Future Events page, or for more information contact the Glenridding Sailing Centre and book a place for 2017.

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