Seasonal Stomps Holiday Club

Di, Lily and I are always happy to be playing out in the woods and crafting things with what we find there and then so what better way to spend a couple of days in the school holidays than hanging out with a bunch of kids doing the things we all love to do?  That is exactly what our seasonal stomps are about, aka Spring Stomp and Summer Stomp!

We found a privately-owned woodland near Morland, Penrith and squirreled ourselves away for the day on a mossy carpet under tall spruce. With a few tarps, our fire wok, basic tools, and some crafting kit we spent the whole day playing, exploring, and getting to know each other.

These sessions are designed so that everyone can enjoy being outdoors comfortably whilst also trying new things in a supported way, and if you want your kids to get off the screens and away from the internet for the day this is the perfect solution!

A couple of highlights;

  • The determination of our youngest member of the group to be the one who lit the fire for the day using the flint, steel and cotton!
  • Spending at least an hour creating and tweaking a game the kids had made up which had us crawling through the undergrowth.
  • Eating gluten free pancakes that everyone could eat!!
  • Hunting Bananas.

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