Dadart Weekender and the Western Frontier

Stomping Ground went off to the Merz Barn for the weekend with a wonderful bunch of West Cumbrians to explore Dada Art and create some of our own. We created an exhibition with the Art in a shop window in the middle of Workington near the hub and were very entertained at the expressions our naked man’s mannequin bottom invoked.

In our lovely hideaway in the Langdales we practiced frottage, collage, Dada poetry and more in the pursuit of serious silliness. The (badly) sung risk assessment and the Wig Out Ping Pong were highlights of everyone’s.

And when we did our exhibition in a shop near Workington’s Hub we held an opening event where we invited the guests to participate in and be subjected to some wacky Dada inspired art.

The participants of the project formed a group called the Western Frontier and we set up a social platform where they could contact each other about future creative projects on the West Coast.

The Western Frontier was born out of the feeling that is was quite tricky being a lone creative on the West Coast and after people left school the opportunities to follow a creative path were sparse to say the least. But we thought that as a group ideas could be supported and come to fruition, and a self sustaining group has more longevity rather than one manged by us. This project happened as part of the Empty Shops Project and funded through the Arts Officer at Allerdale Borough Council.

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